THE LITTLE MIDRASH SAYS - 5 Volume - Gift Boxed Set [Hardcover] [ENG]

THE LITTLE MIDRASH SAYS - 5 Volume - Gift Boxed Set [Hardcover] [ENG]

published at: Dec 15, 2019
  • $120.00

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The weekly Torah readings occupy and rightly so, a prominent place in the Jewish child's heart and mind. 'The Little Midrash Says' series was created to facilitate the child's understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the weekly parsha. Mr.S. Forst's striking illustrations will help the child visualize the scenes described in the text. Parents and educators are urged to regard the text merely as a springborad and guide,and to elaborate on it. The weekly quizzes('Are you a Parsha expert?') and the 'problem of the week' should stimulate a family-wide discussion of the weekly Torah-portion.

Full page illustrations. Enjoyable to tell, enjoyable to listen to, enjoyable to read !!!

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